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Beaverdale Events

Michael’s believes good neighbors means good neighborhoods. We will participate in many Beaverdale events, including the following:

At Michael's, our menu will evolve. In the coming months we will replace seasonal pizzas and new dishes will be added. It is a slow process as we have to be sure that we get the dish right and that our food is the best that it can be.

2012 State Fair Pizza Making Contest Winners

First Place Winner for Red Sauce Pizza First Place Winner for White Sauce Pizza

For years I have obsessed over the State Fair cooking contests, I order the entry book and spend hours figuring out what contests I would enter, which cookies I would bake, what cake, whether or not to enter the Tone's cinnamon roll contest, and especially the Spam contest. Several years ago I did actually win ribbons, the funniest one a red ribbon for the only entrant in a lemon bar contest, funny because I had left out a key ingredient. That year I knew I was slightly deluded when I was overcome, upon entering the Elwell Food Building, with all of the estrogen wafting through the building and i kept thinking I need to go home right now and bake more food to bring back. Then, as soon as I got outside into the 90 degree heat, my moment of baking madness passed.

My friend, Lousie Kaufman, a caterer and so barred from entering the food contests, has been volunteering for twenty years with her mother, Esther Sandler, setting up the food displays and helping the judges, Last year at Louise's birthday dim sum party I sat next to the woman who actually won the 2011 Spam contest and I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I have never enjoyed myself as I did that day listening to the the joyful stories of baking for the Iowa State Fair.

When I asked Louise about sponsoring a pizza making contest this year, she directed me to Arletta Hollister, the director of the contests. Arletta lives in Beaverdale and I found her most accommodating. Our contest was held on Monday, August 13 and we did not know if anyone had entered until Jon and Lindsay got there. We had entrants and we had winners! The photos below of the the two entrants holding pizzas are the winner! The other photos are of the entrants. All entrants received a coupon for a free pizza and each winner won $75.00.

We will feature the winning white sauce and red sauce pizzas this fall at Michael's Pizza!

More State Fair photos on our Facebook Page.